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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Program review - PDFZilla 1.2

PDFZilla 1.2


Few days ago, I received one PDF file from my friend. A print of this was to be submitted to his client. But there were few errors in the document which needed correction. Since it was a PDF file so, I was not in a position to make any change/alteration in the document. As a result the submission of papers was delayed. At that time I felt a need for such a program which could have converted the PDF file into an editable file.

Gone are the days, now the situation is different. PDFZilla, has come forward with a very strong program. It is a powerful converter. It is easy to use and it Converts PDF To Word Document Only in 3 Clicks. The Quality of the out put is High. Apart from all Unicode Language, it supports more then 20 languages. In Batch Mode it Convert more Than 10,000,000 PDF Files to Word Documents at one go.


See how it makes the miracle of Converting PDF Files


Download the program from their site. Install it. Click on the icon and the program will start. Now click the add button. A file folder will be open. Here you are to select the file to be converted. You can convert it in 5 simple steps.


Step 1: Click on the Add Button
Step 2: Select a PDF File
Step 3: Select an output format
Step 4: Click Start Converting
Step 5: Have a cup of coffee, okay, if you do not drink coffee then you can relax.

Select the PDF File from the folder, for conversion. Select an output format i.e. from .doc, .rtf, .txt. .bmp, .jpg, gif, .png, .tif. After selecting the required output format you are to fill the values for the options in the OPTIONS segment. Click - Start Converting Now button. Program will start and in few seconds your file is available in your desired format.

The Key Features of PDFZilla 1.2 are as under : - It can convert PDF files to word documents format and retains all the text and Graphical data at your disposal. It can Convert PDF files to RTF (Rich Text Files) which you can edit all text and graphic by Windows Word Pad. It can Convert PDF files to TXT i.e. plain text files. You can edit text by Notepad. It can Convert PDF files to Images files. You can choose any out put format i.e. BMP, JPG, GIF or TIF files. It can Convert PDF files to HTML files and automatically generates the Index file. It can Convert PDF files to SWF (Shockwave Flash Animation files) which can be published on websites. You can convert all the pages, or partial pages of your desired PDF file. The software is easy to use. Simply you are to place a PDF File in the input box.. Select the Output File Format and click on Start Converting button. That’s all. Rest you leave it up to the program and then  just in no time your selected file is converted in to your desired format.

You can buy and download the PDFZilla 1.2 program from their website. The web address is  - http://www.pdfzilla.com/

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